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We are entering our fourth decade of caring for beloved animal companions, big and small, fur, feathered and scaled!   We are located in historic downtown Starke, just across from  Veteran's Park on Call Street. We are a full service integrated hospital featuring surgical, dental, wellness, internal medicine, behavioral and nutritional consults,  sick animal diagnostics and care,  as well as traditional Chinese veterinary acupuncture and herbal therapies. 







Dr. Linda Ricker

Office Manager and Receptionist.

Trained extensively in animal care in her hometown of Long Island, Eileen has a big heart for furry friends big and small, old and young.  She will assist you in getting your visit started.

Kennel Care

Rashay started as Dr. Linda Ricker's student at Bradford High School.  He volunteered at Bradford Animal Hospital on Saturday mornings, and upon his graduation began working as kennel assistant.  Rashay takes care of all our hospitalpets.

Dr. Linda Ricker graduated from the University of Florida with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and her Masters in Biology Education.  She completed her advanced training in Acupuncture at the Chi Institute. She enjoys practicing integrated  medicine which draws on both her conventional training and acupuncture.  


Dr. Mike Ricker

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Gavin website photo.jpg


Dr. Mike Ricker graduated from the University of Florida and enjoys avian, exotics, farm calls for large animals, as well as dogs and cats, and is our stellar surgeon!

Pre-Vet Student and Assistant

Mai is a proud crazy cat lady. She served as a helicopter mechanic in the US Navy, and she is now perusing a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Mai spend her downtime volunteering at the Humane Society. Mai's goals are to open a Cat Cafe that serves as a rescue for homeless cats. 

Veterinary Assistant

Gavin was a star student of Dr. Linda's at Bradford High School, and is now our hospital artist. Gavin is currently working on his art portfolio and working towards becoming a multi-media artist. 

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Pre Vet Student and Assistant

Devin a Marine Corp Veteran. On his down time, Devin has working on his homestead with his pup Bear. Devin is currently working towards his Pre-Veterinary education. 

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Pre Vet Student and Assistant

Amber has had a life long dream of becoming a Veterinarian. Amber loves photography, and she does fantastic animal portraits, and especially taking photos of her puppy Cowboy. Amber is currently pursuing her degree in Veterinary Medicine. 

Training and Development

Josh was a previous employee of the Rickers in in the late 2000's before moving to South Florida. Since then, Josh has worked Emergency & Critical Care, as well as other specialties. Josh is using his passion for teaching to help foster the growth of our Technicians and Assistants

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